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Investigation on plant macrofossils of the Jurassic sediments of Shemshak Formation in Eshkevarat-e-Olia area has been resulted in introducing two species, consisting of Ptilophyllum sahnii and Ptilophyllum sakrigaliensis. Thesespecies belong to Phylum Cycadophyta and order Bennettitales. The above mentioned macrofossils are reported for the first time from Iran.Based on the stratigraphical distribution of these two plant macrofossils and accompanied species such as Todites williamsoni, Cladophlebis aktashensis, Nilssonia tenuinervis, Ptilophyllum cutchense, Klukia exilis, Klukia westii, Coniopteris hymenophylloides , Ptilophyllum acutifolium, Nilssonia harrisi, Nilssonia macrophylla,  Pseudoctenis herriesi and Elatides thomasi the age of the Shemshak Formation for these sedimentary bed  in Eshkevarat-e-Olia is assigned to the Upper Liassic (Toarcian) – Bajocian.


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