Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Geographical Researches, University of Tabriz, Iran.


     Tabriz fault, oriented NW to SE, on its NW continuation that includes Mishow northern fault, is a right- lateral strike-slip fault and one of the most seismically active zones in Azerbaijan of Iran. Studies on different parts of this fault indicate that there are numerous geomorphologic features due to tectonic activities along it. Sag ponds are one of the features that in spite of their importance from geologic, geomorphologic and tectonic point of view have not been studied in this area. Therefore, this paper attempts to study several sag ponds along Tabriz and northern Mishow faults including Bostan-Abad Ghouri-ghol, Payam, Aralan, and Mishow Ghouri-ghol dry sag ponds. An introduction to sag ponds as a geomorphic effect of the strike-slip faults to recognition of active faults is the main goal of the paper.
All of these sag ponds are bounded by stike-slip and normal faults, subjects for previous investigations, field observations and geomorphic indices such as offset and deflected drainage and displaced terraces and alluvial fans. Obtained results from sag ponds and infilling of these basins by young Quaternary deposits indicate that Tabriz and northern Mishow faults are active faults, capable of generating relatively strong earthquakes in the future.


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