Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Islamic-Azad University, Science & Research Campus- Tehran.

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of science, Islamic-Azad University, Shiraz.


In this research, two stratigraphic sections were chosen from the late Paleocene to early Miocene (Jahrum  and Asmari Formations). These sections includes Sadra and Dodaj plus 645 meters of late Paleocene to early Miocene scdiments. For this investigation 360 thin sections were prepared and 12 samples analysed by XRF. We studied Biotope that includes biozone. These index biozones and percentage of elements that appears in biotope are identified. Principally index foraminifers, identified in the studied sections, are listed bellow:  Miscellanea  sp. Kathina sp., Fallotella  alavensis Mangin, Opertorbitionlites sp. Alveolina sp. Lituonella ruberti Stache, Rhapydionina urensis Sirel, Orbitolites complanatus Lamark, somalina Stefaninii Silvestri, Dictyoconus sp.  Coskinolina liburnica Atache., Nummulites fabianii Prever, Silvestriella tetraedra Gumbel., Nummulites fichteli Michelotti, Austrotrillina howchini Schlumberger, Meandropsina anahensis Henson.
Regarding the frequency, type of wall and biotope percentage ratio of each foraminiferal biozone, there are different biotopes that indicate change in the trend of paleoecologic conditions of the late Paleocene to Oligocene sediments.


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