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1 School of Earth Sciences, Damghan University of Basic Sciences

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences,Univesity of Esfahan

3 Department of Geology, Gorgan university of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

4 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences,Univesity of Hormozghan


      Geirud formation deposits of Kalariz in the Eastern Alborz start with a relatively thick sequence of sandstone, shale, and red, white and brown colored siltstone changing into yellow dolomitic layers, fossiliferous limestone and shaly or marly limestone. This formation lies over Mila formation with a disconformity and covered transitionally by limestones of Mobarak formation. In the above mentioned sequence, numerous and various conodonts and brachiopods were identified. Based on the distribution of brachiopoda, two assemblage zones and based on the conodonts, four assemblage zones were recognized with Famennian and Strunian age. The first brachiopoda biozone, equivalent to the first and second conodont biozones, belongs to early Famennian age (older than late crepida zone and romboidea to late trachytera zone) and the second Brachiopoda biozone which is equivalent to conodont biozone of number three and four has the late Famennian age (postera to late expansa zone and praesulcata zone). Paleontological and stratigraphical evidence indicates that Frasnian sediments are absent in the study area.


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