Document Type : Original Research Paper


Assistant Professor, School of Geology, College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Hojedk Formation spreads well through the Tabas Block. Diverse and moderately preserved palynofloras occur in the Middle Jurassic sediments of the formation in south Kouchekali, southwest of Tabas, central-east Iran. The present investigation of the Hojedk Formation has revealed a diverse assemblage of dinoflagellate cysts in which 12 species allocated to 5 genera. Two acritachs were also recognized, permitting establishment of  Nannoceratopsis triceras-Pareodinia ceratophora Assemblage zone, and Nannoceratopsis gracilis Total Rane Subzone in the upper part, lower and upper boundaries have been identified by the first and last observed occurrence (LOO) of these index species. These biozones are comparable to the other palynozones in Iran and elsewhere especially in the northern hemisphere (Greenland, Norway, Scotland, England, and Poland). Occurrence of various species of Nannoceratopsis is concluded that this locality was located at the south palaeocoastal line of the Tabas Block during the Aalenian-Bajocian.


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