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The area of Dona mine is a part of central Alborz. The Dona anticline is a part of pop up structure and located between Kandavan and Azadkuh thrust faults. In this research three sets of major faults are recognized. The first category of faults with W-E trend, dip 40-50, Rake angle more than 70, are parallel to the major fold axes and second category of faults have NE-SW trend with reverse movement and rake angle less than 65. The third category which truncate the first sets, have nearly N30W to N40W direction with dip more than 75 and rake angle more than 70. The aim of this paper is investigation on the structure of Dona mine and investigations on the mechanism of third category of faults which are not popular in Alborz range and did not discussed before. Some of these faults do not have visible slickensides and the mechanism of these faults held on the basis of preparing geologic map on the scale of 1:1000, structural cross sections and implementing Schmidt net with construction methods. The change of tectonic movements from collision into sinstral, on the pop-up structure created this set of young reverse faults with NW-SE trend.


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