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Introduction to Permian Microfossils in Aru and Bibi Shahrbanoo Area (Albourz)

R. Shabanian

Volume 21, Issue 81 , December 2011, , Pages 37-44


  The Permian sequences of Aru and Bibishahrbanoo sections comprise the Dorud, Ruteh and Nesen formations respectively. A precise dating of the formations was provided based on the analysis of smaller foraminifers and fusulinid assemblages. The clastic Dorud Formation refered to Asselian and Sakmarian ...  Read More

Biostratigraphy of Surmaq and Julfa Formations Harzand Village Stratigraphic Section (North of Marand) Based on Foraminifera

R. Shabanian; M. Parvanehne-Nezhad Shirazi; F. Javadinia

Volume 20, Issue 77 , January 2010, , Pages 141-150


  The detailed stratigraphical and lithological analysis of the Permian sequence in north Marand, NW of Iran at Harzand village has been studied . At this locating the Permian sequence consist of Dorud (82 m..)  Surmaq (258 m..) and Julfa (108 m.) formations respectively. The main lithology consist ...  Read More

The Role of Uniserial Foraminifers in Dating of Middle and Late Permian Carbonate Sequences

R. Shabanian; D. Vachard

Volume 18, Issue 69 , February 2008, , Pages 20-33


        Carbonate sediments of Permian age crops out in different parts of Iran. based On the foraminiferal content, they are attributed to Bolorian (?) ,Kubergandian to Dorashamian stages.These biogenetic limestone have plenty of Fusulinaceaa, non-fusulinid smaller foraminifers ...  Read More

Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of the Permian Rocks in NW Iran

R. Shabanian; Kh. Khosrow ‏Tehrani; I. Momeni

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 98-109


  Various stratigraphical sections of the Permian rocks in the northwest of Iran (Azerbaijan) shows that this sequence consists of Doroud, Ruteh, and Nesen formations in the southern flanks and Doroud, Surmaq , Julfa and Ali-Bashi formations in Zal and Illanlu sections. The analysis and study of forminifera ...  Read More