Predicting land subsidence rate due to groundwater exploitation in the district 19 of Tehran using MODFLOW and InSAR

Mojtaba Arjomandi؛ Ali Saremi؛ Amir Pouya Sarraf؛ Hossien Sedghi؛ Mahasa Roustaei

دوره 27، Special Journal-106 ، اسفند 1396، ، صفحه 75-82

  During recent years, groundwater exploitation and thereby decreasing hydraulic head in the compressible sedimentary aquifer which is placed in the district 19 of Tehran have been caused noticeable land subsidence. The land subsidence has been damaging the infrastructures which have been being built in the south of Tehran Basin, especially in the district 19 of Tehran. A finite-difference groundwater flow model (MODFLOW) and a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) method have been used to estimate and predict the rate of land subsidence in this area, and help hydrogeologists manage the vital groundwater ...  بیشتر