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Separation of Intrinsic and Scattering Attenuation in North-West of Iranian pleateau

Mojtaba Naghavi; Habib Rahimi; Ali Moradi

Volume 29, Issue 114 , December 2019, , Pages 25-34


  In this study, we have used recorded local earthquakes by 17 permanet seismic stations to separate intrinsic and scattering attenuation in North-West of Iranian pleateau. Intrinsic and scattering attenuation can be applied as useful tools to study the geodynamic and tectonic characteristics of a region. ...  Read More

Estimation of shear wave quality factor in the region of the 2012 Ahar-Varzaghan twin earthquakes using aftershock data

Jafar Jaghouri; Hossein sadeghi; Sayyed Keivan Hosseini

Volume 29, Issue 114 , December 2019, , Pages 123-128


  The shear wave quality factor is one of the key parameters for earthquake and engineering seismology studies. In the present study, this factor was investigated in the region of the 2012 Ahar-Varzaghan twin earthquakes. We used a generalized inverse method based on the shear wave windows of the aftershocks ...  Read More

Estimation of Coda Wave Attenuation in the North of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone

Reza Emami; Reza Rezaei

Volume 28, Issue 112 , August 2019, , Pages 91-100


  In this study, for estimating of coda wave attenuation in the North of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone the seismograms of earthquakes recorded at the seismic stations which located at the longitude of 48°-50° and latitude of 38°-40° have been used. The data with an epicentral distance less than ...  Read More

Determination of Coda Wave quality factor in the north-west of the Iranian plateau

M Naghavi; H Rahimi; A Moradi

Volume 25, Issue 100 , September 2016, , Pages 271-280


  The energy of a seismic wave decays while passing through a “real” medium such as the earth which is not completely elastic. Scattering and attenuation of high-frequency seismic waves are substantial parameters to quantify and to physically characterize the earth medium and from which useful ...  Read More

Determination of Ground Motion Attenuation Relationship in the Tehran Region

Kh. Motaghi; A. R. Ghods; H. R. Siahkoohi

Volume 20, Issue 79 , January 2011, , Pages 61-66


  Study of ground motion attenuation in Tehran region is a very important aspect of determining a more precise hazard map of the city. For the last 10 years, three short period seismic networks have been operating in the study region by the Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran (IGUT).  We ...  Read More

Estimation of Shear Wave Attenuation for Bam Earthquake, Strong Motion Records, Using Singular Value Decomposition

H. Ghasemi; E. Zabihi; A. Roshandel Kahoo; M. Zare

Volume 16, Issue 63 , March 2007, , Pages 124-129


  Strong motion records from the 2002 Bam Earthquake are used to investigate the shape of attenuation function in several frequencies ranging between 0.8 to 18 Hz.  Amplitude spectra of the records are inverted to find source scaling factor and attenuation parameters using Singular Value Decomposition ...  Read More