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Geology Department, School of Earth Sciences, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran


The Dalichai Formation in Ahvanu section in the north of Damghan city with a thickness of 78 meters consisting of an alternation of bluish-gray marls and limestone, was studied. Based on the presence and stratigraphic distribution of miospore, Klukisporites variegatus and Callialasporites dampieri of pollen are identified (Middle Jurassic) and presence of some index dinoflagellate species led to the identification of three biozones in the Dalichai Formation. These include in ascending order, Cribroperidinium crispum Total Range Biozone (late Bajocian), Dichadogonyaulax sellwoodii Interval Biozone (Bathonian - early Callovian), Ctenididinium continuum Interval Biozone (early to middle Callovian). Also, this Formation was divided into two biozone on the basis of Lenticulina   varians-Ophtalmidium Assemblage zone and Globigerina bathoniana Taxon range zone. The close similarities of fauna assemblages of Dalichai Formation in this region (eastern Alborz ((dinoflagellate cyst, foraminifera, posidonia and radiolar) with assemblages recorded from different parts of Iran (such as central and eastern, western Alborz and Binalud and south of Iran) and other parts of world (northwest of Europe, and the northwestern Tethys and …) confirm the marine connection and faunal exchange between the mentioned basins during Middle Jurassic.


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