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Original Research Paper Stratigraphy and Palaeontology
Paleogeography and biostratigraphy of Dalichai Formation in North of Damghan (Ahavanu section), based on palynomorphs and foraminifera

elahe zarei

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 1-12


  The Dalichai Formation in Ahvanu section in the north of Damghan city with a thickness of 78 meters consisting of an alternation of bluish-gray marls and limestone, was studied. Based on the presence and stratigraphic distribution of miospore, Klukisporites variegatus and Callialasporites dampieri of ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Petrology
Application of plagioclase mineral textures in lava, ash fall and surge deposits to examine young Damavand magmatic processes

Mohsen Zadsaleh; Fariborz Masoudi; Hamed Pourkhorsandi; Karen Fontijn

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 13-30


  Damavand is a young volcanic edifice with an elevation of 5610 meters formed in the middle of the central Alborz Mountain range (N Iran) during the Quaternary. Its edifice is composed of trachyte and trachyandesite rocks, pyroclastic fall and flow deposits and lahars, formed during several eruptions ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Geophysics
The Superiority of the Third-order Moving Average Method over the Second-order Moving Average Method for Estimating the Shape and Depth of Buried Magnetic Anomalies

Mohammad Fouladi; Mirsattar Meshinchi Asl Meshinchi Asl; Mahmoud Mehramuz; Nima Nezafati

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 31-44


  Geophysical methods have been developed to study the particulars of physically diffusible fields in the ground. In geophysical studies, the goal is usually to detect inhomogeneities inside the earth using physical values measured at the earth's surface. Geophysicists attempt to reconstruct the Earth's ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Sedimentology
Application of geochemistry in determination of original mineralogy and recognition of stratigraphic sequences of Aptian deposits in the Kuh-e-Mish section, Zagros basin

Alireza Rostami; Mohammad Hossein Adabi; Abbas Sadeghi; Seyed Ali Moallemi

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 45-58


  The Dariyan Formation with the Aptian age is the youngest reservoir formation of the Upper Khami group which is important in terms of hydrocarbon reservoir potential. This formation is 135 meters thick in the Kuh-e-Mish surface section and consists of thin, thick and massive limestone, marl and shale. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Economic Geology
Study of Tareek Darreh Gold and Copper Occurrence North Torbat-e-Jam- Khorasan-Razavi Province, NE-Iran

Kourosh Shabani; Nima Nezafati; Morteza Momenzadeh; Mohammad Hashem Emami; Seyed Jamal Shaykhzakaryaii

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 59-74


  The Tareek Darreh gold Gold & Copper deposit is located 40km north of Torbat- e Jam in the Khorasan-Razavi province,NE-Iran. The study area is mainly comprised of slightly metamorphosed, sedimentary rocks of Jurassic age including alternation of shale, siltstone, and sandstone. These rocks have been ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Sedimentology
Secondary minerals in the bat guano deposits from Karaftu Cave, Divandareh, Kurdistan province

Hadi Amin-Rasouli; Nasim Haghighat jou; Mahdi Moradi

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 75-88


  Kraftu cave, 67 km northwest of Divandareh in Kurdistan province, includes four floors. The bottom of the second floor, in the bat hall, is covered by thick guano deposits. SEM–EDX analyses of the guano deposits showed secondary sulfate (gypsum, cesanite), phosphate (phosphammite, brushite, taranakite, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Economic Geology
Geology, structure and mineralization of Cu (± Au) hydrothermal-magmatic deposits of Saveh-Razan region

Seyed Mehran Heidari; Sara Safavy; Afshin Akbarpour; Azra Hassanlou; Bahram Mohaghegh

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 89-104


  Saveh-Razan copper (± gold) area, with WNW direction in the northwest of Urmia-Dokhtar magmatic belt, with the highest reaction to right-sided shear zones and structural trend change during the Oligomyocene, leads to the placement of semi-deep Oligomyocene diorite massifs in shallow rock depths. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Petrology
Tectonic environment and petrogenesis of igneous rocks of Tashvir area, Tarom mountains, northwest of Iran

Reza Jamal Omidi; Saeid Hakimi Asiabar; Shahrooz Haghnazar; Mansour Vosoghi Abedini

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 105-120


  Tarom mountains are located at the southwestern end of the Alborz mountain range with an approximate northwest-southeast direction. Tashvir region is a part of the northern margin of the Tarom mountains. Most igneous rocks in this area include basalt, andesitic basalt, and interlayers of tuff. Enrichment ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Geophysics
Inverse modeling and interpretation of magnetic and geoelectric data in the epithermal gold index of Kuh-e Lakht

Ghazal Janghorban; Seyed Mohammad Abtahi Forooshani; Keytash Moshtaghian; Hooshang Asadi Harooni; Hamzeh Sadeghi Sorkhani; Mohammad Hajheidari

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 121-132


  Kuh-e Lakht epithermal gold index is located on Urumieh-Dokhtar Volcanic Belt in Isfahan province. Geological studies indicate the presence of an epithermal gold mineralization system in the area.  The geophysical exploration in the area includes magnetometry, resistivity, and induced polarization ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Petrology
Geochemistry and origin of the ortho- amphibolites inTakhte-Soleyman (NE Takab)

Ziba Khodaean Chegeni; Nematollah Rashidnejad Omran; Ali Akbar Baharifar; Reza Nozaem; Carmela Vaccaro; José Francisco Santos

Volume 32, Issue 2 , July 2022, Pages 133-148


  Takhte-Soleyman ortho-amphibolites as a part of Takab metamorphic complex are located in Northeast Takab. These rocks consist of amphibolite, Garnet-amphibolite, Kyanite-Garnet-amphibolite, Hornblendite and Epidote-amphibolite. Petrography and whole- rock geochemistry show that basalt, andesite and/or ...  Read More