Document Type : Original Research Paper


Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran


In Sanandaj- Sirjan zone a vast outcrops of volcanic  rocks, which founded as high terraces, are covered  the Pre-Quaternany  rocks. The volcanic rocks are appeared in different shapes and morphological features. Based on the Zagros geodynamical evolution, mentioned rocks assumed  to be  Post – Collissional, that are formed in an extentional system with  a NW-SE trend. Three studied complexes in this paper are Ahmad abad, Tahmures and Nadri. The structural investigation of  three the sites are complementary data to the geochemical analysis. In this regards, structural investigation done in those 3 mentioned sites. Studied faults shows different trends and age. Mechanism  of  faults are normal, and their  age are either Post- basalt or syn-basalt, that is, Contemporaneous with the last deposition of  late-Miocene  marls. The  age of the oldest faults is late- Miocene, before basalt intrusion.


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