Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Dept. of Geology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Pars Oil & Gas Co., Tehran, Iran


Hydrocarbon potential Evaluation of formations by using ∆logR method (a method based on separation of well logging of porosity DT/CN./RHOB) and resistivity well logging (Rt). This method has been today applied as an appropriate method in many of famous wells of the world. The beginning of these methods drew attention of many researchers in 1980. It had organic matters on the well logging based on the influences of layers containing organic matters. Passey et al. (1990) provided away for predicting of rich of organic material in source rock that have a high accuracy and potential for studying extensive rang of maturity condition. The basis of this method is overlapping porosity well logging (sonic, neutron, density) scaled on the resistivity well logging and determining the degree of separation between these two loges and calculation of total organic carbon TOC and S2. Using this method we can gain appropriate relative evaluation of formations without preparing sample during times of exploration. In this study, the areas which have rich organic matter of Gadvan formation in the SP-A well located in the South Pars Area have been deter mind with use of  ∆logR way and for    SP-A well, yielding results of this studies was compared with data relating to Rock – Eval Pyrolysis analysis of  core samples and was observed good correlation.


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