Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Marine Geology Management, Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran

2 Marine & Coastal Geomorphology and Morphodynamic Group, Faculty of Geography University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Coastal region are influenced by land and sea. Geomorphologic coast features are related to sea level change, regional river regime, erosion processes, sedimentation, climate change, geological outcrops and weathering and tectonics. Tom bolo, lagoon and barrier are geomorphologic coast features that can be seen in Bir coast of Iran. Therefore, recognizing the producing mechanism and their changes, leads supervisors to have better management, and do their best for civil and improving planning in coast area. In this research in addition to field studies and sampling, aerial photos 1/40000(1993), topographic maps 1/20000, high resolution images (ETM and IRS) 1998, 2005, 2008 were used. It is concluded that the area is tectonically active, sedimentation; erosion processes, river regime and sea level change are caused to the Tom bolo, Lagoon and Barrier in Bir coast. Surveying the forms, sediment shows an obvious computation between marine currents as constructive process of Tom bolo, lagoon and barrier, and rivers as destructive process in Bir coast.


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