Original Research Paper
Biostratigraphy of the Middle - Late Jurassic Rocks, West of Binalud Range (Baghi) Northwest of Neyshabour

A. R. Ashouri; M. R. Majidifard; M. Vahidinia; A. Raoufian

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 3-14


  A thick succession of Middle – Late Jurassic rocks in the western part of BinaludRange has been studied. This succession consists mainly of limestone, marly limestone and marl. The thickness of the succession in the study section (Baghi, north of Neyshabour) is 709 meters and is subdivided into ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Determination of Desert Areas in Iran on the Bases of Geological Effected Factors

M. Khosroshahi; F. Mahmoudi; M. T. Kashki

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 15-22


  In this article, we try to study deserts of Iran on the basis of geological specifications with the help of 1:100000, 1:250000 scaled maps of G.S.I and N.I.O.C using Geographical Information System (GIS) methodology. Then quaternary and evaporate formations in every study province were recognized. Saline ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Biostratigraphy and Studying the Hypothesis uses of Rugoglobigerina in Appointing the Paleosalinity in Central Alborz, Maastrichtian

M. Asgharian rostami; E. Ghasemi-Nejad; M. Shafiee ardestani; B. Balmaki

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 23-32


  In order to studying salinity and biostratigraphy in Central Alborz basin, two sections Jorband and Ziarat-kola are sampled and studied Planktonic foraminifera and Echinoids fossil. Studying of foraminifera In Ziarat-Kola section determining three biozone by planktonic foraminifera. 1: Racemiguembelina ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Assessment of Relative Active Tectonics using Morphometric Analysis, Case Study of Dez River (Southwestern, Iran)

M. Abdideh; M. Qorashi; K. Rangzan; M. Aryan

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 33-46


  This paper present a new method for evaluating relative active tectonics based on morphometric indices useful in evaluating morphology and topography. Indices used include: Bifurcation ratio (BR), Basin Relief (Bh), Drainage Density (DD), Ruggedness number (Rn), Stream frequency (Fu), Form Factor (FF), ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Geochemistry and Geological Setting of Chromitites of Aland Area from the Khoy Ophiolite Complex, NW Iran

A. Imamalipour

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 47-56


  The Khoy ophiolite complex in northwest Iran hosts several podiform chromitite bodies. The chromitite deposits of Aland area in this ophiolite have lenticular, tabular and irregular vein shapes and emplaced in depleted mantle hurzburgite. Chromitites have different textures including disseminated, massive, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Study Runoff and Soil Lose in Map Units of Hiv Watershed, Measurements and Comparision at the Rainfall Simulator Scale

M. R. Sheykh Rabiee; S. Feiznia; H. R Peyrowan

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 57-62


  Soil erosion is one of the improper natural phenomenons. Soil erosion affects on soil degradation. To study and estimate sediment yield, there are several methods. Rainfall simulator is one of them. At this research, in first step, the work units map is prepared by overlying lithology, erosion and dip ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity from Porosity Logs Using Fuzzy Logic & Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques in One of the Iranian Southern Carbonate Reservoirs

M. Rajabi; B. Bohloli; M. Mohammadinia; E. Gholampour Ahangar

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 63-70


  The shear and compressional wave velocities (Vs and Vp, respectively) have many applications in petrophysical, geophysical and geomechanical studies. Vp is very easily obtained from sonic logs that are available in most of oil and gas wells, but some wells (especially old wells) may not have Vs data. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Effect of Izeh Transverse Fault Zone Reactivation on the Deformation of Sedimentary Cover in Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt

Z. Davoodi; A. Yassaghi

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 71-88


  Geometry and kinematics analyses of structures developed along one of the transverse fault zone (Izeh) in the Zagros fold-thrust belt has been presented to document the origin and to present the effect of this fault zone on the belt structures. Surface deformation of Izeh fault zone on the cover sediments ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Quaternary Deformation in the west of Shahrood (East Alborz)

F. Aarab; P. Omidy; A. Taheri

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 89-94


  In this paper, the evidences of Quaternary deformation in the west of Shahrood, in an area starting from Deh-Molla valley and extending to Tazareh valley in the southern domain of eastern Alborz have been studied. The studied area is bounded on the North and South by two main faults that trends east- ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Induced Seismicity in Masjed Soleyman Reservoir (Southwest of Iran)

Mohammad Tatar; M. R. Ebrahimi; F. Yamini Fard

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 95-102


  Masjed Soleyman reservoir is located in Zagros Mountain of western Iran, which is one of the most seismically active zones of the Alpe-Himalaya belt. So, it seems to be necessary to carry out widespread studies, especially on the impact of this reservoir with 177 m height and 261 million m3  capacity ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Surface Deformation Detection by Differential Interferometric SAR in Aghajari Oil Field

N. Fouladi Moghaddam; A. A. Matkan; M. R. Sahebi; M. Roustaei

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 103-112


  Hydrocarbon fluid extraction from high compactable and low permeable reservoirs resulted in gradual surface deformation that causes significant costs due to overburden failures. However, surveying benchmarks make it possible to compare the repeated leveling measurements at the specific locations, then ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Studies on Processability of Iranian Bauxite Resources to Produce Alumina in Jajarm Alumina Beneficiation Plant

O. Gerayloo; S. H. Hosseini; J. Sarghaini; R. Salimi

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 113-118


  Jajarm bauxite mine as a largest known bauxite ore reserves with more than twenty million tons of diasporic bauxite, located in the north of Khorasan province, Iran. This bauxite mine cannot provide the suitable feed for at least twenty tears. Therefore, the possibility of using other bauxite deposits ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Recognition of Geomorphology Landforms for Environmental ManagementCase Study; Takht-e-Solayman Sheet

B. Azadbakht; M. Zareinejad

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 119-126


  Takht-e-Solayman zone is highly rich from the viewpoint of diverse morphological units. This morphological diversity is mostly caused by climatic factors and lithological characteristics, erosion, weathering processes and tectonic movements. Geomorphologic characteristics of Takht-e-Solayman zone are ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Magmatic Contamination by Metapelitic Xenoliths (Schist) Fallen Down into the Tall-e-Pahlevani Batholith, Shahr-Babak, Iran

A. Fazlnia

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 127-134


  The Talle-Pahlevani anorogenic magmatism with Leuco-quartz diorite and anorthosite compositions injected into the southwest of the Qori metamorphic complex, which extends in southwest of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, at c. 170 Ma. As a result of this process, the metapelite host rock from the complex was ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
An Investigation on Dissolution and Deterioration of Building Stones in Sulfuric and Nitric Acids Solutions

M. R. Nikudel; A. Jamshidi; N. Hafezi moghaddas

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 135-142


  Abstract  Acid rain is one of problems due to air pollution. In areas with polluted atmosphere, SO4 and NO3 are among most important contaminator, which constitutes sulfuric and nitric acids solutions, as a result of combining with hydrogen ions. Also, these solutions are among important agents ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mechanism of Formation and Change Tom Bolo, Lagoon and Barrier in Coastal Bir of Bandare Tang (Makran Sea)

K. Nejad. Afzali; F. Bayatani; E. Moghimi

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 143-148


  Coastal region are influenced by land and sea. Geomorphologic coast features are related to sea level change, regional river regime, erosion processes, sedimentation, climate change, geological outcrops and weathering and tectonics. Tom bolo, lagoon and barrier are geomorphologic coast features that ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Position Error Propagation of Reference Stations in Relative Positioning Using GNSS Phase Double Difference Observations

Yahya Djamour

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 149-154


  Today, the best coordinates of stations on the ground are obtained by using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as Global Positioning System (GPS). There are many error sources affecting the GNSS observations that limit the required accuracies. But differential positioning methods, like double ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Studies of Normative Mineralogy and REEs Geochemistry of Permian Residual Horizon in Northeast of Malekan, East-Azarbaidjan Province

A. Abedini; A. A. Calagari

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 155-162


  A Permian residual horizon is located in ~30 km northeast of Malekan, which was developed as stratiform layer in Ruteh carbonate rocks. Mineralogically, this horizon includes minerals such as boehmite, diaspore, hematite, kaolinite, rutile, anatase, montmorillonite, muscovite, calcite, and chlorite. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigation of Near Surface Buried Structures Using GPR and Resistivity Methods: A Case Study

M. Mohamadi Vizheh; A. Kamkar Rouhani

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 163-170


  Ground water, cavities, and isolate buried structures embedded at shallow depths are well detectable by resistivity and GPR methods because of distinct contrast in their electric and electromagnetic properties in comparison with their surrounding media. In this research work, 3 different profiles on ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Rb–Sr and Sm–Nd Isotopic Compositions, U-Pb Age and Petrogenesis of Khajeh Mourad Paleo-Tethys Leucogranite, Mashhad, Iran

M. H. Karimpour; G. L. Farmer; C. R. Stern

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 171-182


  Biotite-muscovite leucogranite and associated pegmatite intruded meta-ophiolite and meta-flysch (the remnants of Paleo-Tethys) during collision of Turan plate with Iran plate.  Four types of pegmatite dykes, crosscutting biotite muscovite leucogranite, are identified. The results of U-Pb zircon ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Behaviour of Sand under Cyclic Loadings

F. Rezaei

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 183-188


  Behavior of sands under static and dynamic cyclic and monotonous loadings is the most common problem of Geotechnitiens.. This paper presents results of cyclic loading on loose and dense silica and carbonate sands using a modified direct shear box. The laboratory shear box was modified so that the lower ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Shape and Size Effects of Gravel Particles on Shear Strength Characteristics of Sandy Soils

A. Hamidi; N. Salimi; V. Yazdanjou

Volume 20, Issue 80 , January 2011, Pages 189-196


  There are always limitations for appropriate borrow materials in common engineering activities which results in wide usage of mixed soils with larger particles up to boulders. Using these types of materials need correct knowledge of their behavior. For example, shear strength characteristics of mixed ...  Read More