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1 Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, CB-399, Boulder, CO, USA

2 Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, CB-399, Boulder, CO, USA


Biotite-muscovite leucogranite and associated pegmatite intruded meta-ophiolite and meta-flysch (the remnants of Paleo-Tethys) during collision of Turan plate with Iran plate.  Four types of pegmatite dykes, crosscutting biotite muscovite leucogranite, are identified. The results of U-Pb zircon age of Khajeh Mourad biotite muscovite leucogranite is 205.9 ± 4.1 Ma (Late Triassic, Rhaetian). Chemically, biotite muscovite leucogranite and aplite granite are peraluminous S-type pluton. Magnetic susceptibility of biotite muscovite leucogranite and aplite granite are between than 0-5 × 10-5 and the ratio of ferric to ferrous ratio (< 0.35),therefore they are classified as belonging to the ilmenite-series (reduced type). The total REE content of biotite muscovite leucogranite is between TREE = 130-176 and aplite is very low Total REE = 50.79. They have small negative Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu*= 0.52 to 0.76). The initial 87Sr/86Sr and (143Nd/144Nd)i was recalculated to an age of 205 Ma.  Initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios for B-M leucogranite and aplite are 0.708161-0.709853. The (143Nd/144Nd)i isotope composition for B-M leucogranite 0.512214, aplite dykes 0.512024. Initial ε Nd isotope values for B-M leucogranite -6.48 and aplite dykes is -6.83. These values could beconsidered as representative of continental crust-derived magmas. The ratios of Rb/Sr = 1-1.3 and CaO/Na2O » 0.3 of biotite-muscovite leucogranite indicate that the source rock had a composition between meta-pelite and meta-psammite.


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