Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University, Khorram Abad Branch, Khorram Abad, Iran

2 Research Institute of Earth Sciences,Tehran, Iran


      Cretaceous deposits are outcropped in Haftad Gholleh area, 25 km in the east of Arak city. In this study three stratigraphic sections were measured in the northeast, southeast and center of the area. Based on detailed study of stratigraphy and paleontology, in contrast to some other geologists' opinion, it has been concluded  that  the Cretaceous deposits in this area can be divided into lower Cretaceous and upper units and distiguished well by their microfauna assemblages. The age of the Upper Cretaceous deposits is Early Cenomanian which conformably overlies the Early Cretaceous deposits. Also the Early Cretaceous succession is divided into basal part (detrial-carbonate) and upper part (carbonate with Urgonian facies). The age of basal part, a barren zone, overlies dark shale and sandstone of Shemshak group with angular unconformity is Early Cretaceous (Neocomian?-Barremian) based on stratigraphic position and microfauna assemblage of the lowermost part of the Cretaceous carbonate sediments.
The upper part of the Early Cretaceous succession based on identified fossil assemblages is devided into four biostratigraphic units and consists of  9 biozones. The age of this part is Albian-Barremian.
The beginning of transgrassive sea can be considered in Neocomian?-Barremian that lasted until Cenomanian. Tectonic occurrence of the Middle Cimmerian leads to considrable angular unconformity in the basal part of the Lower Cretaceous deposits.


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