Original Research Paper
Feasibility Study on Electrical Separator Efficiency Increment for Kahnooj Titanium Mineral Processing Pilot Plant

S. M. Javad Koleini; M. Abdollahy; M. Nasrabadi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 2-14


          In this paper, a study on efficiency increment (operation efficiency) of Kahnooj titanium pilot plant electrical roll separator with optimization of variable and effective parameters (crona voltage intensity, feed temperature and size distribution, rolls speed, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Introducing of Calpionellid Zonation at the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary in the Shal Section (South-East of Khalkhal)

R. Azimi; K. Seyed-Emami; A. Sadeghi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 16-25


      The calpionellid biozonation within Shal and Kolur Formations in Shal region, SE Khalkhal are accomplished based on standard biozonation of Allemann et al. (1977).  In this study, 5 biozones are introduced from Tithonian to Hauterivian:biozone. Biozone 1 belongs to Shal Formation ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrology of Quaternary Basalts of Tabas (East of Iran)

S. M. Hashemi; M. Emami; M. Vossoughi Abedini; M. Pourmoafi; M. Ghorbani

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 26-39


  In southeastern Tabas there is a 400 square kilometer area of Quaternary basalts, which is geologically located in Lut zone. According to petrographic studies and EMPA analysis, the textures of these rocks are generally porphyric and some times aphyric. The phenocrysts of these basalts are generally ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Structural Evolution of the Basement and Activity of Salt Structures in Firuzabad Area, Fars

M. Pirouz; A. Bahroudi; M.R. Ghasemi; A. Saeidi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 40-55


          The study area is located in Zagros simply folded belt, south of Firuzabad city. We have considered sedimentary basin floor deformation, initial time of folding and salt structure upwelling by using isopach data. Moreover, these data can be used to indicate ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
SPT - Based Liquefaction Assessment of Alluvial Foundation atChapar-Abad Dam

G. Barzegari; A. Uromeihy

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 56-67


  Development of liquefaction in saturated cohesionless deposits is one of the most dramatic causes of damage in civil structures during earthquakes. The potential damage caused by liquefaction includes: 1) loss of bearing capacity, 2) excessive settlement, 3) lateral spreading, 4) flow failure, and 5) ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Evaluation of Reservoir Parameters for Burgan Formation in One of the Iranian Southwest Oil Field

S. Nezamvafa; M. Rezaee; R. Moussavi-Harami; M. Bargrizan; A. Chehrazi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 68-79


        Investigation and detail recognition of hydrocarbon reservoirs can have a good help in management of production wells, and field development. Burgan formation is deltaic sandstone from lower-median Cretaceous that is divided into three zones, A, B, and C. This formation ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Determination of P-T Conditions of Metamorphism of Mahneshan Complex NW Iran

A. Saki; M. Moazzen; M. Modjtahedi; R. Oberhänsli

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 80-93


      Mahneshan Complex in the northwest of Iran was affected by regional and contact metamorphism. Microstructural and petrographical features as well as field relations show that Mahneshan Metamorphic Complex has been affected by four episodes of metamorphism (M1 to M4) and at least two ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Deposits in Haftad Gholleh(East of Arak)

P. Rezaei rouzbahani; B. Hamdi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 94-107


        Cretaceous deposits are outcropped in Haftad Gholleh area, 25 km in the east of Arak city. In this study three stratigraphic sections were measured in the northeast, southeast and center of the area. Based on detailed study of stratigraphy and paleontology, in contrast ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Gold Mineralization in Ductile – Brittle and Brittle Shear Zones, Zartorosht Deposits, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, Southwest of Sabzevaran

Gh. R. Rastgoo Moghaddam; E. Rastad; N. Rashid Nejad Omran; M. Mohajel

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 108-129


         Zartorosht gold deposit is located in southeastern part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. Rock units exposed in the area include mafic to intermediate volcanic series, metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary rocks and meta-basites intruded by basic to felsic dikes. These late ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrography, Geochemistry, and Petrogenesis of Lava Flows and Dykes in Abaregh Area (Kerman Province)

A. Zahedi; H. Ahmadipour

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 130-139


       The Abaregh area is located in 40 km northwest of Bam city in Kerman province. Rock units of the region consist of lava flows and dikes that crop out along a fault system trending NS. Mineralogically, the rocks contain plagioclase, augite, hypresthen, and minor olivine. Heterogenous ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Source and Tectonic Setting of Zarjebostan (NE of Qazvin) Paleogene Volcanic Rocks using REE and HFSE Elements

K. Kalantari; A. Kananian; A. Asiabanha; M. Eliassi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 140-149


      Paleogene basic to intermediate lava flows of Central Alborz, in the northeast of Qazvin city (Zarjebostan), include trachy-andesite, basaltic trachy-andesite and basaltic andesite. These volcanic rocks are high-K calc-alkaline rocks. Based on the high LILE/HFSE and LREE/HREE ratios ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
History of Tsunami Occurrences and Assessment of Tsunami Generation Potential of Makran Subduction Zone

M. Heidarzadeh; M. Dolatshahi Pirooz; N. Zaker; M. Mokhtari

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 150-169


  This research attempts to assess the history of tsunami occurrences and potential for tsunami generation at the southern coasts of Iran bordering the Indian Ocean by providing a list of historical tsunamis in this region and also, modeling of phases of tsunami generation and propagation. After the December ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mineral Potential Mapping of Copper Minerals Using Geographical Information System (GIS)

M. Karimi; M.J. Valadan Zoej; H. Ebadi; N. Saheb Zamani

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 170-181


       Considering the vast area of Iran and extent of her potential mineral reserves (existence of volcanic belt of Urumieh-Dokhtar), a systematic view for mineral deposit exploration and  mineral potential mapping is essential. Lack of a systematic view and appropriate models ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Active Faulting and Segmentation along Qom-Zefreh Fault System between Zerfreh and The North of Kashan, Central Iran

F. Jamali; K. Hessami Azar; M. Ghorashi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 182-189


      The N-NW trending Qom-Zefreh fault system has long been recognized as one of the major faults in Central Iran. We have used observations of faulting, recognized on satellite images and aerial photos, in conjunction with field investigations, to infer fault activity along this structure ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Biostratigraphic Study of Mila Formation in Shahmirzad Section, North of Semnan with Special Reference to Conodonts

L. Fazli; B. Hamdi

Volume 17, Issue 68 , February 2008, Pages 190-195


         The Mila formation from late Early Cambrain to Early Ordovician age is well exposed in the Shahmirzad section consists of 5 lithological members. Several biozones of conodonts have been identified in this section, several taxa of body and trace fossils have been collected ...  Read More