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2. Recognition of Original Carbonate Mineralogy and Determination of Ore Genesis in Robat Mine (Khomein-Arak) Carbonates

M.H. Adabi; M. Jamalian

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 2-23


       The studied area is located at the middle structural zone of Sanandaj-Sirjan in Malayer-Esfahan axis. Lower Cretaceous sequence disconformably overlay the Triassic-Jurassic sequences. The sediments have been folded during Middle Cimerian (Bajocian-Batonian) and Laramian (Upper ...  Read More

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3. Petrogenesis, Geodynamics and Radiometric Age Dating of Safakhaneh Mass, Northwest of Iran

M. H. Kholghi; M. Vossoughi Abedini

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 24-39


       Safakhaneh batholith, situated at 47 km southwest of Shahin Dezh, northwest of Iran, is located in the central Iran structural zone intersecting the Cretaceous rocks. The absolute age of the batholith, determined for the first time by K – Ar method, has been calculated ...  Read More

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4. Yarim-Ghayeh Cave(Study and Investigation)

S. Alipour

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 40-59


  Yarim-ghayeh cave, located in the border of Iran and Turkey, is hosted by the Oliogocene-Miocene limestone  body.  Its in and outside rough topography implies that the cave is  very young and infact in the beginning  stage of its formation. Overall volume is 9600 m3  with 631 ...  Read More

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5. Application of Neural Network in Estimating Total Organic Carbon, Binak Oil Field, Bushehr Province

M. J. Mohammadzadeh; H. Aghababaei; A. Naseri

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 60-67


       The amount of total organic carbon (TOC) is one of the most important parameter in evaluating hydrocarbon source rock. This parameter is not only used for hydrocarbon geochemical studies but also plays an important role in evaluating the extension of hydrocarbon source rock. ...  Read More

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6. Comparison of Economics of Cementation and Solvent Extraction for Recovery of Copper from Tarom Sofla Oxidized Copper Leach Solutions

M. Salari Rad; M. Irannejad; M.A. Mohammadi

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 68-73


          The Tarom Sofla copper ore zone includes several oxidized copper ore deposits, the most famous being Cheeseh, Aghdarreh and Yamaghan deposits. In view of the diversity of  reserves and productivity of ore deposits in the area, two production capacities ...  Read More

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7. An Efficient Search Method for Finding the Critical Slip Surface using the Compositional Mont Carlo Technique

K. Goshtasbi; M. Ahmadi; Y. Naeimi

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 74-85


  Locating the critical slip surface and the associated minimum factor of safety are two complementary parts in a slope stability analysis. A large number of computer programs exist to solve slope stability problems. Most of these programs, however, have used inefficient and unreliable search procedures ...  Read More

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8. Evaluation the Engineering Properties of Rocks and Suggesting a Criterion to Select Rock Material for Construction of Rubble Mound Breakwaters in Southern Coast of Iran

M. Talkhablou; N. Hafezimoghaddas; M. Nikodel; A. Uromeihy; M. shafiefar

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 86-107


         Rocks are natural materials used in a variety of coastal protection structures, especially in rubble mound breakwaters. Engineering properties of rocks, such as durability and resistance to degradation factors of the marine environments are important properties which ...  Read More

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9. The Identification of a New Mammal Fossils Fauna in Pleistocene Sediments of Eastern Iran and it,s Comparison to Maragha Fauna, with Special Reference to Paleoenvironment

N. Hashemi; J. Darvish

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 108-115


  The Pleistocene sediments in the east of Iran belong mostly to extinct herbivores of Order Pressiodactyle and Arssiodactyle. The tooth remains of Equidae from Pressiodactyle, bones and tooth remains of domestic and wild herbivores such as Rhinoceros that some of which are extinct today have been found. ...  Read More

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10. Poly-deformed Tectonites in Dome Structure of the Almabolagh Region, West of Hamadan

M. Mohajjel; L. Izadi kian

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 116-133


        Almabolagh region is located in northwestern part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone of Zagros orogen in western Iran. This area is located 15 km to the west of Hamadan. Three rock units consisting of volcani-sediments (Almabolagh sequence) at the lower part, carbonate (Chenarsheikh ...  Read More

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11. Emplacement Mechanism of Zahedan Granitoidic Plutonwith the Aid of AMS Method

M. Sadeghian; M. V. Valizadeh

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 134-159


       Zahedan granitoidic pluton  with general NW-SE elongation is located in the middle part of  the Zahedan-Saravan granitoidic belt. It includes granites, granodiorites and diorites and it is also cut by numerous of andesitic to dacitic dikes. The regional metamorphic ...  Read More

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12. ٍThe use of Cone-Fall Theory for Evaluation of Rock-Fall Hazard along the Chaloos-Road(Pol-e-Zanguleh – Marzan-Abad)

N. Ghazipour; A. Uromeihy; I. Entezam; F. Ansari; M. Pirouz

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 160-169


         Karaj-Chaloos Road is always considered as the most hazardous road due to rockfalls and landslide events. The road, located in the CentralAlborzMountains, is a vital route connecting Tehran and the southern part of Alborz to the northern part and the resort areas ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
13. Noise Reduction of the Radar Interferometric Phase Used for Surface Displacement Measurement Based on Wavelet Transform in the Complex Domain

H. Fattahi; M. J. Valadan Zouj; M. R. Mobasheri; M. Dehghani

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 170-181


        Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technique using phase information has demonstrated its abilities in topographic mapping and measuring surface deformation with the precision of meter and sub-centimeter, respectively in a very high spatial resolution. However, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
14. Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Kuh-Shah Granitoidic Pluton(NE Baft)

Z. Sadeghi; H. Mehdizadeh; M. Sadeghian

Volume 17, Issue 66 , Winter 2008, Pages 183-193


        Kuh- Shah granitoidic pluton is located in the NE part of 1:100000 geological map of Baft. Lithological composition of this pluton includes Alkali- feldspar granite, granite, granodiorite, quartzdiorite, diorite and gabbro. This pluton has been intruded in volcaniclastics  ...  Read More