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Investigation of the carbonate rock permeability based on medical x-ray tomography images

F. Hormozzade; M. Baniassadi; F. Sahabi; H. Izadi; H. Memarian

Volume 28, Issue 110 , December 2018, , Pages 193-200


  The determination of Petrophysical rock properties has always been an important part of geological modeling and also is used in reservoir engineering studies. Permeability (k) is one of the most important properties of porous media which is the measure of a porous material to allow fluids to pass through ...  Read More

Landslide Hazard Zonation in Tehran Province Using Data-Driven and AHP Methods

F Kamranzad; E Mohasel Afshar; M Mojarab; H Memarian

Volume 25, Issue 97 , December 2016, , Pages 101-114


  Landslide is one of the natural phenomena which can cause catastrophic losses or damages in life and property each year. Hence, it is very important to recognize landslide-prone areas and apply methods to prevent or reduce slope instabilities and landslide hazard and risk. For this purpose, landslide ...  Read More

Dynamic Modeling of Land Subsidence in Tehran Plain

S Angornai; H Memarian; M Shariat Panahi; M.J Bolourchi

Volume 25, Issue 97 , December 2016, , Pages 211-220


  Land subsidence is an environmental phenomenon that involves gradual or sudden settlement of the land surface because of compaction of underground material. Groundwater withdrawal, which occurs due to excessive use of water resources, is among the most important reasons for this phenomenon. Therefore, ...  Read More

A New Method of Generalized Radial Basis Function Network to Interpolate Regional Variable in Geosciences

A.A Morshedy; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 96 , September 2015, , Pages 107-116


  Various interpolation and estimation tools are used to spatially model a regional variable across an area or site. This paper presents a new interpolation method, using the progressive radial basis function network and taking into account the spatial coordinates of the input data. The procedure starts ...  Read More

Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Image Processing-Based Approach for Fracture Identification in Image Log

M Javid; H Memarian; S.M Mazhari; R Zorofi; B Tokhmechi; F Khoshbakht

Volume 24, Issue 96 , September 2015, , Pages 141-150


  In the oilreservoirsof the ZagrosBasin, fractures play a major role in hydrocarbon migration and production. Borehole image log is a powerful tool to study and identify fractures around the wells. These logs provide critical information about orientation, depth and type of natural fractures. Since thereis ...  Read More

Determination of Aftershocks Attenuation Behavior of Moderate to Large Earthquakes in Iranian Plateau

F Kamranzad; L Moussavi; M Mojarab; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 143-154


  In this study,attenuation behavior of moderate to large earthquake aftershock sequences occurred in Iranian plateauhas been investigated according to the empirical Omori Law. Due to proper recordings of instrumental earthquakes from 1990 to 2012, important earthquakes of this period were selected. After ...  Read More

Evaluation of Clay Content of Shurijeh Reservoir Formation Using Core Analysis in Gonbadli Gas Field, Eastern Kopet-Dagh Basin

G Jozanikohan; F Sahabi; G.H Norouzi; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, , Pages 239-252


  Clay minerals reduce the reservoir quality in different ways. They may cause mechanical problems in drilling and lead to petrophysicalmisinterpretations.Therefore,Clay typing is necessary for upstream petroleum exploration and production industry. In this paper, type, amount and distribution patterns ...  Read More

Investigation of M8 Algorithm Prediction Performance in West of Iranian Plateau(23/10/2011, Mw = 7.3)

M Mojarab; H Memarian; M Zare; V Kossobokov

Volume 24, Issue 1393 , March 2015, , Pages 13-20


  The earthquake of 23 October 2011, near the Turkish city of Van, had 600 victims and caused great damages in Van, Argis, Moradiyeh and Caldiran. Review of 20th century and historical earthquakes in eastern Anatolian plate and west of Iranian plateau confirmed the activity of this area with the notable ...  Read More

Fourier Based Analysis of Deficiency of Well Logs Processing Methods

B Tokhmechi; H Azizi; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, , Pages 253-258


  Estimation of rock type, porosity and saturation are the main applications of petrophysical logs. Several equations are presented for mentioned estimations, and deficiencies of these equations are widely investigated. In this paper, general deficiency of well logs processing methods is discussed. In ...  Read More

Zoning of RQD Parameter, Based on Faults and Self-Organizing Map in Semilan Dam Site

A. Hossein Morshedy; H. Memarian

Volume 21, Issue 84 , December 2012, , Pages 99-112


  Zoning is an important practice in earth sciences. In zonation, the study area is divided into separate parts and by compiling the results of these parts, a unique model is obtained. In this study, clustering methods are applied for zoning of Semilan dam site. Optimal number of clusters are measured ...  Read More

Comparing Fractures in a Unique Structural Setting of an Oilfield, Acquired from FMI

F. Khoshbakht; H. Memarian; M. Mohammadnia

Volume 19, Issue 73 , January 2009, , Pages 65-70


  Natural fractures are the main factor which control hydraulic behavior of oil and gas reservoir in naturaly fractured reservoirs. Thus it is important to fully characterize these features in fractured reservoirs. Image logs are one of powerful tools in fracture study in wells. ‎Image log is high ...  Read More

A New Method for Joint Set Classification Based on Bayesian Optimum Classifier

B. Tokhmechi; H. Memarian; H. Ahmadi Noubari; B. Moshiri

Volume 18, Issue 71 , January 2009, , Pages 115-122


  Joint study is one of the primary jobs in many geological, mining, geotechnical and petroleum exploration projects. Up to 10 features of joints are gathered during each field survey, while only two of them (dip and dip direction) are normally used to classify these complex features. This paper proposes ...  Read More