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Original Research Paper
Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in Western Koppeh-Dagh and Eastern Alborz

H Jahangir; M Ghobadi Pour; A.R Ashouri

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 3-10


  The Cambrian- Ordovician boundary strata in the Kalat section, western Koppeh-Dagh, comprise continuous succession of fine clastic sediments, mostly argillites with some shell beds, accumulated offshore. This interval contains  analmost complete succession of conodont biozones, including the Cordylodus ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrogenesis of Neogene dacitic and andesitic volcanism in the Tel Gorban-Chah Breshk area North of Shahrebabak, Kerman-Iran

S. Z. Hosseini; M. Arvin

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 11-22


  Neogene volcanism in the Tel Gorban-Chah Breshk area, north of Shahre-Babak, occurs as dacitic to andesitic lava flows and domes. Petrographically the rocks consist of plagioclase, hornblende ±biotite and quartz phenocrysts setting in porphyritic and hyalopilitic matrix. Opacitization of hornblende ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Miocene clastic sedimentary rocks at Kuh-e Asaki and Horgan sections, Neyriz region, Zagros basin

P Gholami Zadeh; M.H Adabi; M Hosseini-Barzi; A Sadeghi; M.R Ghassemi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 23-34


  The Miocene sediments in Neyriz region crop out  in Zagros Crushed Zone, between Zagros Main Fault and Zagros Ophiolite Zone. For paleoenvironmental studies of these sediments, two stratigraphic sections (Kuh-e Asaki and Horgan sections) have been measured and sampled. The thicknesses of these two ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of the Gazestan magnetite-apatite deposit, Central Iran

S Afzali; N Nezafati; M Ghaderi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 35-44


  The Gazestan magnetite–apatite deposit is located 78 km east of Bafq, in the Bafq-Poshtebadam subzone of the Central Iran structural zone. The rock units in the area belong to the Rizou series and consist of carbonate rocks, shale, tuff, sandstone and volcanic rocks. Intrusive rocks in the form ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The role of geological structures in fractal dimension of fractures and drainages in Southwestern Lenjan-Isfahan

A. S Khalifeh Soltani; S. A Alavi; M. R Ghassemi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 45-56


  Fractal analysis of drainages and fractures is a useful tool to determine the maturity structure of a region. With the help of fractal geometry, this study investigates the fractal dimension of drainages and fractures in the southwestern part of Lenjan, and examines the role of geological structures ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Palynofacies and paleoenvironment of marl segment in Farokhi formation (Central Iran)

M Allameh; B Torabian

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 57-68


  Farrokhi Formation is a Cretaceous rock unit in Central Iran that lithologically contains lime, marl and marly lime accompanied by layers of fossiliferous limestones. This formation lays conformably over the Haft-Tuman Formation, while its upper boundary is disconformable with Chupanan Formation. In ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Sedimentology of longitudinal bars in the Elyato river (South Western Fariman)

H Ghaderi Fijani; M Khanehbad; R Moussavi Harami; A. Mahboubi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 69-78


  The elongated Elyato River catchment, covering about 52.89 Km2 areas, is located in southwestern Fariman. To understand the grain size variation and effective factors in downstream fining, 35 samples from central axis of Longitudinal Bars have been collected and analyzed. The results indicate that the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Kinematic analysis of positioning of the Western part of Miami fault zone- Eastern Alborz - based on experimental evidence

M Rostamiyan; M Khademi; S.S Eslami; H Shahbazi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 79-86


  In the western part of Miami fault zone (MFZ) as a partial boundary of two main structural zones (Centeral Iran and Binaloud) in the Iranian plateau, since the fault is covered by alluviums or displaced rocks, poor and limited field data cannot solve the problems concerning deformation history and evolutionary ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Effects of interactions between deformation, erosion and syntectonic sedimentation on the geometry and arrangement of structures in the central part of the Zagros fold-thrust belt, SW Iran

B Derikvand; S.A Alavi; H Haji ali beigi; I Abdollahie Fard

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 87-98


  In the Neogene foreland basin of Zagros, Dezful Embayment as a foredeep depozone has accommodated large volumes of deposits of Aghajari and Bakhtiary formations. In this paper, surface and subsurface data and experimental modeling approach have been used to study the effect of these sediments on the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrology and geochemistry of the Aqkand acidic volcanic rocks and perlites, North of Zanjan

M Ebrahimi; H Kouhestani; M.A.A Mokhtari; M Feizi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 99-110


  The Aqkand area is located at 48 km north of Zanjan and is a part of the Tarom subzone within the Western Alborz-Azerbaijan structural zone. Acidic rocks exposed in this area consist of Oligocene rhyolite-rhyodacite, perlite, pitchstone and ignimbrite. Rhyolites and rhyodacites are exposed as domes and ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Facies analysis in transitional from Ordovician deposits (upper part of Shirgesht formation) to Silurian (lower part of Niur formation) in SW Kashmar, North of Tabas block

E Khazaei; M.H Mahmudy Gharaie; A Mahboubi; J Taheri

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 111-126


  The studied section in SW Kashmar located in Tabas block of central Iran sedimentary - structural zone. According to field observations and petrography, two sets of siliciclastic and carbonate facies were distinguished. Three lithofacies were identified based on the field parameters such as lithology, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Paleobiodiversity of Permian (Yakhtashian-Dzhulfian) small foraminifera in Abe-Garm, Gazvin section,

M Medadi; H Mosaddegh; S.H Aleali; M.R Majidifard

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 127-138


  Some  paleobiodiversity  indices such as total diversity, stand diversity, origination and extinction rates of Permian (Yakhtashian- Dzhulfian) small foraminifera were analyzed based from an outcrop in Abe-Garm area, Gazvin. Some important bizones that recognized by Taraz (1969), Taraz et al. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigations on mineral chemistry and P-T estimation for formation of diopside, garnet and coexisting minerals in the calc- silicate hornfelses from the Alvand metamorphic aureole, Hamadan, West of Iran

H Ghorbani; M Moazzen; A Saki

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 139-146


  Calc-silicate hornfelses are resulted from temperature excreted from the Alvand Batholith on the surrounding carbonate rocks. Metamorphic minerals in these rocks are vesuvianite + garnet+clinopyroxene+ tremolite/actinolite+quartz+calcite±epidote. Calc- silicate minerals occurred in two stages ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrology and petrogenesis of pillow lavas of Forumad area, Northeast Iran

R Kohansal; M Ghorbani; S.M Pourmafi; M Khalatbari Jafari; J Omrani

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 147-158


  The Forumad ophiolite pillow lavas crop out at west of Sabzevar and at the periphery of north central Iran microcontinent.  These lavas include Upper Cretaceous pelagic limestone with microfossils and are classified in two Late Turonian- Santonian and Coniacian- Late Campanian groups. These basaltic ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Analysis of the microstructures and deformation mechanisms in the Eastern part of the Dehsheikh ultramafic-mafic complex, Esfandagheh region, South of Kerman province

S Jalalat Vakil-Kandi; M Shahpasand-Zadeh; H Ahmadi-pour; M Honarmand

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 159-166


  Dehsheikh ultramafic-mafic complex is located in the Esfandagheh ophiolitic mélanges belt of Kerman province. The Dehsheikh complex comprises harzburgite, lherzolite, dunite, chromitite, pyroxenite and layered gabbros. The presence of abundant chromite ore deposits has made this complex important. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Site effect evaluation using microtremor measurements in the city of Shiraz

J Asadifallah; M Zare; M.R Gheytanchi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 167-172


  Natural frequency of soil is an important factor in site effect studies. In order to determine this parameter, microtremor measurements were applied as a fast, simple and economic tool. For this purpose, microtremors were recorded in 74 points with time durations of 5 to 10 minutes throughout the city ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Rare earth elements geochemistry of alteration system of the Basir-Abad area, Northeast of Ahar, NW Iran

A Abedini

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 173-182


  The Basir-Abad area (northeast of Ahar, East-Azarbaidjan province) is a part of the Cenozoic Ahar-Arasbaran magmatic belt in northwest of Iran. Intrusion of granitic and granodioritic igneous rocks of Oligocene age into the Eocene volcanic rocks (andesite, trachy-andesite, andesi-basalt and basalt) resulted ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Zayanderoud area high pressure metamorphic rocks: correlation with the Menderes massif eclogite-gneiss and implication for the late Gondwana reconstruction

R Jamali Ashtiani; Hassanzadeh J; M Rahgoshay; A Sharifi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 183-196


  The Sanandaj-Sirjan zone is a NW-SE trending orogenic belt immediately north of the Zagros suture, which represents the former position of the Neotethys Ocean.  This zone includes a Pan-African basement similar to the various terranes to the north in Central Iran. The crystalline basement is nonconformably ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mineralogy and geochemistry of aeolian sediments around Kerman

H Atapour

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 197-210


  The Quaternary aeolian sands occur in northern and southern parts of the urban areas of the Kerman city. The important aeolian and interlayered sedimentary structures are cross- bedding and ripple mark. Diameter of the aeolian sands ranges from 0.06 to 2 mm, but coarse- grained (gravel size) alluvial ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Analysis of lithofacies and sedimentary conditions of Paleocene detrital succession in Eastern Alborz, Iran

R Farokhnejad; B Esfandiari; A Motamed

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 211-218


  In this paper the Fajan Formation of Paleocene age with a thickness of 172.5 meters is studied in northwest Shahroud (Eastern Alborz). Main lithology of this formation, at the studied section, consists of conglomerate and sandstone. The formation disconforably overlain  upper Cretaceous limestones ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Different types of vein- veinlets related to mineralization and fluid inclusion studies in the Sonajil porphyry Cu- Mo deposit, Arasbaran magmatic zone

M.R Hosseinzadeh; S Maghfouri; M Ghorbani; M Moayyed

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 219-230


  The study area is located in Arasbaran metallogenic zone. Rocks of the Sonajil region include Eocene andesite lava, porphyry microdiorite, Incheh granitoid and Ozuzdaghi Plioquaternary volcanic rocks. Porphyry microdiorite is the main host rock of porphyry type Cu- Mo mineralization in the Sonajil deposit. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Detecting hydrothermal alteration zones by alteration box plot and mass change calculations using immobile elements in the Gezildash massive sulfide copper deposit of Khoy

M.J Mohammadzadeh; M Mahboubi Aghdam; P Mohebbi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 231-244


  The Ghezildash massive sulphide copper deposit is located in the northwest of Iran. The area is a part of the ophiolotic colored mélange zone of NW Iran, also known as Khoy–Maku colored mélange. Copper mineralization occurred in part of basaltic meta-volcanic rocks, and extensive ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigation of soil samples distribution in Bahabad area by ICP-MS, ICP-OES and geochemometrics analysis

S Veyseh; A Niazi; J Ghassemi

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 245-254


  In this research, distribution and effect of elements on soil samples in Bahabad, Yazd Province, is presented according to analysis of different elements using ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AF and methods of Geochemometrics. For this purpose, 156 samples were taken from Bahabad, Asfij and Banestan areas and analyzed ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Field and seismic reflection evidences for structural evolution of Garmsar anticline and Kavir fault

M Gharailou; A Yassaghi; J Bagheri

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 255-264


  The NW-SW trending Garmsar Anticline is located in the Abardej area in northwestern part of the Garmsar city, 110 km east of the Tehran province. The aim of this paper is to investigate folding style of the Garmsar Anticline and its relationship with the Kavir thrust and also the influence of tectonic ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Cenomanian – Turonian boundary oceanic anoxic event in East of Kopet-dagh basin (Amirabad section) with emphasis on calcareous nannofossils

N Mousavi; A L.Kani; A Mosavinia

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 265-276


  In this study the succession comprising Aitamir and Abderaz Formation boundary is investigated along Amir Abad section in eastern Koppeh-Dagh region. Based on Calcareous nannofossils and NC biozonation scheme, Late Albian to Late Turonian time of deposition is estimated for the measured succession. There ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Devonian fish remains from Illangareh and peyr-es-hag sections, North West Iran

S Abbasi; B Hamdi; M.R Majidifard

Volume 26, Issue 101 , December 2017, Pages 277-286


  Sampling and study of Devonian deposits in North West Iran has done in two separate sections. 1) Illangareh section, 20 km far from NE the Maku city 2) peyr-es-hag composite section, situated South Jufa (W of Peyr-es-hag and Chay kasan villages). Because less work has been undertaken in the cited sections, ...  Read More