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Original Research Paper
Determination of Optimal Bouguer Density and Modelling Bed Rock Topography in Charak Area Using Gravity Data (Southwest Iran)

H.R Samadi; A Teymoorian

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 3-8


  In exploratory geophysics, main and primary purposes are determination of researching targets densities, which have a particular density difference with that of the host rock. In this study, hence, we introduce new method for density determination, called "variogram method”, which is based on the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Offering a Kinematic Model for Lar Fault-Related Fold and Its Structural Relation with 1960 Lar Earthquake, SE Zagros

K Hashemi; B Oveisi; A Saeedi

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 9-18


  The Zagros fold-thrust belt is a young orogenic belt which is characterized by extensive folding in its sedimentary cover, and abundance of earthquakes in which, intends to inner parts of Zagros like a band. The Lar anticline is one of the active folds in this belt which is situated in the coastal Fars ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Volcanic Red Bed Type Copper (-Silver) Mineralization in Keshtmahaki Deposit, Northwest of Safashahr, Southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone

M Boveiri Konari; E Rastad; N Rashidnejad-Omran

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 19-36


  Lower Cretaceous volcano-sedimentary sequence in the northwest and southeast of Safashahr (Dehbid) in marginal subzone of southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone comprises the Keshtmahaki deposit and few other occurrences of copper (-silver). The oldest rock units in the region are Jurassic shale and sandstone, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Consideration of Geometric and Kinetic Parameters of Fractures in Asmari Reservoir, Marun Field

Kh Noraei Nezhad; H Amiri Bakhtiar; R Mohammadian; A Azizi

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 37-42


  Marun Oil Field is located in the southern part of Dezful embayment, in the mid part of the zagros simple folded mountain range and along the Ramin and Aghajari anticlines. In this study, based on the subsurface data and using subsurface analytical methods the folding mechanism and fractures of this ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Tidal Energy Extraction in Chabahar Bay

S Shirinmanesh; V Chegini

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 47-52


  Development of modern energies is one of the most important issues that all countries have focused on and have tried to find a new model in that respect. One of the greatest energy-resources in the world is oceans and tidal currents are one of the specific indicators of oceanic current. The movement ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Modeling Process of Mineral Potential Mapping Using Fuzzy Inference Systems (Case Study: Chah Firoozeh Copper Deposit)

S Alaei Moghadam; M Karimi; M Mesgari; N Saheb Zamani

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 53-66


  Due to the extensive areas of potential mineral reserves in the country, it seems necessary to have a systematic approach to identify and convert indices of mineral deposits into mines. Existing various conceptual models of mineral deposits, variety of both quantitative and qualitative data to explore ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Study of Geochemistry and Origin of Bentonite and Silica Mineralization in Kavir Mine, Khur and Biabanak, Isfahan Province

F Malek Mahmoodi; M Khalili; H Bagheri

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 67-76


  Kavir bentonite in the northeast of Isfahan province is a part of the Khur bentonite horizon and lies in the Central Iranian structural zone. This deposits formed by the alteration of Eocene andesite-basalts. Based on the field observation several active faults are responsible in transporting siliceous ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrogenesis and Mineralization at Gazestan Iron Oxide – Apatite Deposit, East of Bafq, Central Iran

S Afzali; N Nezafati; M Ghaderi; J Ghalamghash; M.R Ghassemi; A Karimi Bavandpur

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 77-84


  The Gazestan magnetite–apatite deposit is situated 78 km east of Bafq. The Gazestan deposit is located in Bafq-Poshtebadam subzone of Central Iran structural zone. The rock units in the area belong to the Rizu series and consist of carbonate rocks, shale, tuff, sandstone and volcanics. In addition ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Increasing the Exploration Success and Intensify of Stream Sediment Geochemical Halos Using Recognizing and Omitting the Non-Predictive Factors, Case Studies: Fluorite and Copper Mineralization

M Yousefi; A Kamkar-Rouhani; M Alipoor

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 85-92


  Study of geochemical stream sediments is an effective method for prospecting mineral deposits especially in preliminary exploration stages. In this regard, generally multivariate analysis, for example factor analysis, is used to elicit an indicator component of the mineralization type sought. There are ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrology of Heiran Area Submarine Lavas in Northeast of Ardabil, A Case Study of Caspian Sea Southern Margin Geo-Suture

Y Vasigh; A Darvishzadeh; M Vosoughi Abedini; M.H Emami

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 93-104


  Heiran area is located in northwest of Ardabil and southwest of Caspian Sea. Field evidences indicate submarine volcanic activities in this area. The rocks in this area are of basaltic composition. The outcrops of pillow lavas, prisms, dykes and lava flows in different points are evidences showing the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Base and Precious Metal Ore-Forming System in the Cheshmeh Hafez and Challu Mining Area, Torud-Chah Shirin Magmatic Arc

B Mehrabi; M Ghasemi Siani; E Tale Fazel

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 105-118


  The Torud-Chah Shirin volcanic-intrusive arc, in the south of Kavir-e-Chah Jam depression (SW of Damghan), hosted many Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag and Au occurrences and deposits. Cheshmeh Hafez (Pb-Zn±Cu±Ag±Au) and Challu (Cu-Au±Ag) polymetallic vein-type ore deposits are the major one ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Biostratigraphy of the Surgah Formation in Shah Nakhjir Anticline Section (Southwest of Ilam City) Based on Planktonic Foraminifera and Correlation with Type Section

A Sadeghi; M Raziani

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 119-126


  In order to study of the Surgah Formation in Southwest of Ilam City, one section in the Shah Nakhjir anticline was selected. The thickness of the Surgah Formation is about 161 meters and consists mainly of green shales and olive green marly shales with intercalation of gray shaly limestones. The lower ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Economic Geology and Geochemistry of the Sedimentary Phosphate of Reza-Abad, Southeast of Kazerun

S.A Samaie; F Malekghasemi; V Simmonds

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 127-132


  The area is located in 25 Km southwest of kazerun city in the Zagros folded zone. The Phosphate beds have been deposited in the core of the Sarbalesh-Baznak anticline with NW-SE trend. Stratigraphically, the Gurpi, Pabdeh, Asmari, Gachsaran, and Bakhtiyari Formations are outcropped in this area. Petrographic ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Compositional Zoning in Feldspars of the Kuh-e Dom Intrusive Rocks

F Sarjoughian; A Kananian; J Ahmadian

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 133-146


  The alkali feldspars and plagioclases in the Kuh-e Dom intrusive rocks show compositionally and microtexturally zoning structure. The feldspar crystals in the various lithologies such as granite- granodiorite samples, diorite- gabbro samples and relatively high frequency microgranular mafic enclaves ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Dinoflagellate and Paleoenvironment Study of Dalichai Formation in East Part of Binaloud Sedimentary Basin

M Allameh; S Saadati Jafarabadi

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 147-156


  The Dalichai Formation is among marine deposits in Jurrasic period that has a geographic expansion in north of Iran. In order to palynological studies in eastern part of the BinaloudMountains an outcrop of this formation, in the bar village was selected. The thickness in bar village section is 255 meters ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements in Iron Oxide – Apatite Deposits of the Zanjan Region

Gh Nabatian; M Ghaderi

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 157-170


  Iron oxide - apatite deposits are one of the most important REE resources that occurred in the Posht-e-Badam and Zanjan regions of Iran. REE mineralization in the Zanjan region is associated with Sorkhe Dizaj, Aliabad, Morvarid, Zaker, Oskand and Golestanabad iron oxide-apatite mineralization. The deposits ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Study and Comparison of Miocene-Quaternary Volcanoes In NW of Iran, Lesser Caucasus and SE of Anatolia: Geochemistry, Source and Tectonic Setting

J Ghalamghash; R Chaharlang

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 171-182


  The Late Miocene- Quaternary volcanoes including Sahand, Ararat, Nemrut, Suphan, Tendurek and Lesser Caucasus volcanoes in the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone, are studied in this paper. The volcanoes have been erupted pyroclastic materials and lava flows with basaltic to rhyolitic composition, in several ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Investigation of Alteration Zones and Magma Mixing In Kahang Exploration Area

M Farmahini Farahani; A Khakzad; H Asadi Harooni; M.H Emami

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 183-195


  Kahang copper and molybdenum mine is located in Esfahan province and 10 Km far from the east of Zefreh town that is on Urumieh-Dokhtar volcanoplutonic belt. The Kahang region is an alteration and breccia zone. Generally, hydrothermal fluids have affected more than % 90 of rocks of this region. These ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Role of Folding Mechanism in Generation of Gold Bearing Quartz Veins, Kharapeh Ore Occurrence, Pyranshahr, West Azarbaydjan

M Mohajjel; S Niroomand

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 195-200


  Structural analysis of folds in the Kharapeh area clears tow co-axial folding stages in the Cretaceous metamorphic rocks, in this part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. First stage folds are tight to isoclinal recumbent folds that were co-axially refolded by second stage upright open to close folds. Normal ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mineralization Trend of Radioactive Elements and Their Relation to Serium and Yttrium Using Data Lithogeochemical in Saghand Fifth Anomaly

M Khalajmasoumi; M Lotfi; A Memar Kuchebagh; A Khakzad; P Afzal

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 201-210


  The studied area in the Saghand fifth anomaly is located in the Bafgh-Posht-e-Badam metalogeny belt in the Central Iran zone. Uranium, Thorium and Rare Earth Elements mineralization are hydrothermal and metasomatism type related to area intrusion bodies (Granite and Gabbro available in the north of study ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Identification of Host Rock Source at Sediment-Hosted Copper Type Mineralization in Tabas-Ravar Basin Based on Geochemical and Petrographic Studies

R Hendi; A.A Hassani pak

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 211-221


  This paper is part of the results of researches carried out on geochemical characteristics of sediment-hosted copper deposits in the Tabas-Ravar block trying to identify the mineralization host rock characteristics and the source rock of the sediments in the area. For this purpose, not only the common ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Alteration Zones Studies In North of Sarab by Using Satellite Data, Airborne Geophysics Data & Sampling Analysis

D Refahi; A Khakzad; N Nezafati; Kh Bahar Firozi; A Bayatani

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 221-234


  Development of advance tools in remote sensing and airborne geophysics during recent decades shows this industry importance. In this paper, aster sensor imagery (Advanced Space born Thermal – Radiometer) and airborne geophysics employed in order to zoning alteration area, mineralization system ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Structural Study and Influence of Thickness Change in the Qom Formation on Geometry of the Structures, Dokhan Area, West Saveh

S Khodaparast; M Mohajjel; S Haj-Amini

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 235-244


  The marine facies of the Qom Formation was deposited between two detritus continental facies of the Lower and Upper Red Formations. The type section of the Qom Formation was observed in Qom city, but its most thickness has been reported from the Dokhan area in west Saveh. Stratigraphic studies revealed ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Metallogenic and Exploratory Approaches of Rhenium (Re) and Osmium (Os) Isotopic Data in Kerman Porphyry Copper Deposits

S Lali faz; B Shafiei; Gh.H Shamanian; H Taghizadeh

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 245-252


  Present study is the first report of the rhenium and osmium isotopic data in the hypogene Cu-Fe sulfides (chalcopyrite and pyrite) from the Kerman porphyry copper deposits. Although data set was limited in this study, their interpretation helped to understand the possible sources of the metal for mineralization ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Fourier Based Analysis of Deficiency of Well Logs Processing Methods

B Tokhmechi; H Azizi; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 93 , December 2014, Pages 253-258


  Estimation of rock type, porosity and saturation are the main applications of petrophysical logs. Several equations are presented for mentioned estimations, and deficiencies of these equations are widely investigated. In this paper, general deficiency of well logs processing methods is discussed. In ...  Read More