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Original Research Paper
A Criterion for Selection of Natural Aggregates in Concrete

J Sharifi; M.R Nikudel

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 3-16


  By fast growing of structures and need for aggregates materials, more quarry resources should be provided and rapid identification and exploration of these resources should be introduced. Because of the importance of engineering geology parameters in exploration of aggregate quarries sources, based to ...  Read More

Rock Fall Hazard Zonation in Mountain North of Shahrood City

R Ramazani Omali; N Hafezi Moghaddas; K Heidari

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 17-26


  Rock falls are the usual forms of slope instability in hill slopes. The high velocity and rapid occurrence are the main differences of rock fall and other rock instability. Therefore, the rock falls are among the most destructive mass movements and results in high loss of lives and heavy damage to the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Studying Site Effect in Shahreza City by Using Microtremor Measurement & Vulnerability Index

N Norouzi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 27-36


  Regarding to the destructive earthquakes that happened in the world and Iran, potential influence of surface geology on strong ground motion and the damages due to the earthquakes that named as site effect is well known. This study is a section of seismic microzonation of Shahreza city. In this study ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
A Statistical Model to Estimate the Mechanical Properties of some Travertines under Freeze-thaw Cycles

A Jamshidi; M.R Nikudel; M Khamehchiyan

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 37-46


  In cold regions, freeze-thaw cycles are one of the most important agents affecting on the mechanical properties of stones and consequently their durability. Uniaxial compressive strength, Brazilian tensile strength and P-Wave velocity are among important mechanical properties in assessing the durability ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Engineering Geology Studies of Freeway Route Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and GIS (Case Study: Qazvin - Rasht Freeway District Roudbar)

M Kamani; A Uromeihy; M Joorabchi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 47-56


  Roads are of linear engineering projects passing various rock units and geological conditions, so it is necessary to engage the engineering geological studies along the way. The studies continue until the end of the construction and operation. In the route selection process, large volumes of data and ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Determining the Speed Spectrum for Soils of Type I and II of Iran

A Mahdavian; M Hassani

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 57-68


  In destructive earthquakes lots of break down in structures such as vital lifelines and buried pipelines also destruction of massive buildings have always been observed. These destructions can sometimes cause more serious injuries. The absorbed force and destruction caused by the earthquake in surface ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Estimation of Geodetic Virtual Velocity Based On Back Propagation Artificial Neural Networks (Case Study: NW Iran)

o Memarian Sorkhabi; Y Djamour

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 69-76


  In order to study the crustal movements in Iran, establishment of several campaign GPS networks in 1998 seriously initiated geodynamical activities. After that in 2005, a network of ~120 permanent GPS stations named Iranian Permanent GPS Network (IPGN) has been installed to complete the campaign GPS ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigation of the internal Structures and Determination of the Type of the Glacier using the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Method: A Case Study – Alam Kuh Glacier, Mazandaran Province

S Parnow; A Kamkar Rouhani; A.R Arab Amiri; N Karimi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 77-84


  The method of ground penetrating radar (GPR) has increasingly been used for investigation of surface and internal structures of glaciers within the last few decades. This geophysical method distinguishes different structures of glaciers considering the existence of electrical permittivity contrast between ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Recognition of Geological Features and Alteration Zones Related to Porphyry Copper Mineralization using Airborne Geophysical Data A Case Study: Chahargonbad1:100000 Geological Map, Kerman Province, Central Iran

Z Yazdi; A.R Jafari Rad; H Kheyrollahi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 85-94


  In this research, the areas for prospecting porphyry copper deposits have been introduced using airborne geophysical data (magnetic and radiometric). Magnetic anomaly boundaries have been detected using the reduction to the pole (RTP), upward continuation (with different heights), horizontal derivative ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Mapping of Hydrothermal Alteration of Dashkasan (Sari Gunay) Epithermal Gold Mine using ASTER Sensor Images and XRD Analysis

M Maanijou; N Puyandeh; A.A Sepahi; S Dadfar

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 95-104


  The study area is located at 42 km NE of Qorveh city, in KordestanProvince and in the Metamorphic– Magmatic Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. There are other important gold mines such as the Zarshouran and Aghdarreh mines in this zone. The most important alterations of the region are sericitic (phyllic), argillic, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Coseismic Displacement of the Earth Crust Using Permanent GPS Stations in Ahar - Varzeqan Earthquake 2012

E Bekri; HR Nankali; Z Rahimi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 405-110


  In the 11th August 2012 two Earthquakes trembled Azarbayjan that their scales were 6 Mw and 6.2 Mw. The locking depth of these two earthquakes is about 10 km, the epicenter of the first one is 38.55 N and 46.87 E, and the second one is 38.87 N and 46.87 E. In this research displacement of the earth crust ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Epithermal Gold Potential in 1:100000 Ardestan by Using AHP Method in GIS Setting

SH Aboutorab; A Khakzad; F Gharib; S Mehdizadeh Tehrani

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 111-124


  The 1:100000 sheet of Ardestan is located in the south part of 1:250000 quadrangle of Kashan at 52º to 52º, 30 E and 33º to 33º, 30N in the north west of Isfahan province and Orumieh-Dokhtarvolcanic belt.Most of the rock units' ofArdestanregion include medium to basic volcanic ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Estimation of the Surface Temperature of Basalts in Gandom Beryan- Kerman: as one of the Earth Thermal Poles by Using Thermal Infrared Images of ETM+ Sensor

B Bahrambeigi; D Raeisi; S.K Alavipanah; S.H Moeinzadeh

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 125-134


  Gandom Beryan or Burned Sand region is located in the LutDesert, NW of Kerman. This region has always been under consideration due to its high temperature. In this study, by utilizing thermal Remote Sensing studies, ENVI software, and thermal images ETM + (imaging time 10 am on Wednesday 7 October 2011) ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Assessment the Role of Recycled Bottle Fragments and Littered Rubber Fibers on the Sandy Soil Engineering Behaviors

A.M Azhdarpour; M.R Nikudel; S.D Mohammadi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 135-140


  Rusted bottles and ragged car tires are good examples of modern waste materials, which can cause significant environmental concerns. Despite all environmental issues of these materials they could be used as a reinforcement material in weak soils. This strategy not only reduces the volume of waste materials ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Determination of Heavy Metals Pollution in Traffic dust of Mashhad City, and its Origin by Using “Selective Sequential Extraction” (SSE) Procedure

F Behravesh; M.H Mahmudy Gharaie; F Ghassemzadeh; S Avaz Moghaddam

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 141-150


  Traffic dust often contains high concentrations of heavy metals and can influence on environment and human health. In this study, we tried to measure heavy metals in street dusts and soil in the city of Mashhad and sample collections were carried out at the time and location of high traffic. For the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Impact of Darab City Landfill on Groundwater Contamination

S Bahrami; E Raese

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 151-156


  The Karstic Asmari & Jahrom Formations extensively outcrop in the Darab city region. The current Darab landfill site is located on sandy gravel alluvium, a few meters above the karstic Asmari Formation. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of the landfill on groundwater quality. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
A Multivariation Statistical Method for the Genesis of the Toxic Elements in Sediments around the Chahar Gonbad Cu-Au Mine, Sirjan

S.J Yousefi; A Aftabi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 157-166


  The investigation on toxic elements in sediments around the Chahar Gonbad copper-gold mine indicates sediments with various sources of pollution. In order to investigate the source and chemical fractionation of toxic elements 38 sediment samples were collected from 0 to 5 cm depth of river, alluvium ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Heavy Metal Pollution in Stream Sediments of the Neka River, N Iran

A Maghsoudi; M Vanaei; M Vanaei

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 167-174


  The NekaRiver is located at 21km in east of Sari, center city of the Mazanderan province, north of Iran. 51 stream sediment samples were collected from 4 sample sites. The samples were digested by HF+HClO4+HNO3 and analyzed by AAS in laboratory of Geological Survey of Iran. The results of analysis show ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Role of Heavy Water Based Mud Additives in Increasing Metals Concentration of Gachsaran Formation Wastes

M Farhadian Babadi; F Masoudi; A.R Zarasvandi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 175-184


  Considerable quantities of wastes are generated in drilling operation contain various components such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. These wastes are discharged in pits or the sea, which their geochemical composition should be investigated for waste management. In this study, sampling of heavy water ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Lineament Analysis in Limestone Outcrops and its Importance on Extraction Optimization (Case Study: Ornamental Stone Quarries, Kerman)

F Hamzeh; SH Shafiei Bafti

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 185-196


  One of the most basic problems in the exploration and extraction of the ornamental stones quarries is the recognition and modeling of the discontinuities. Generally, in the most of the ornamental stones quarries, analysis of the discontinuities is not considered. This study is dealt with the discontinuities ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Inversion of Frequency Domain Helicopter Electromagnetic Data for Recognizing Gold Enriched Massive Sulfide Anomaly in Barika Area, West Azerbaijan, Iran

M Shademan; A.R Arab-Amiri; H Kheyrollahi; D Rajabi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 197-202


  Frequency Domain Electromagnetic surveys are being used for various applications like mineral and water exploration, environmental hazards and buried human-made materials because of its resolution and fast acquisition for low depth targets. Resistivity and its depth for each frequency could be calculated ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Determination of the Discontinuitiy Orientation Using Photogrammetric Method (Case Study:GolgoharMineNo. 1)

H.R Mohammadi; H Mansouri; H Jalalifar

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 203-210


  The purpose of this paper is to investigate the performance of photogrammetric method for determining the orientation of the discontinuities. The application of photogrammetric method for surveying discontinuities is applied as useful method. In the scanline method because of topographic constraints, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Using Different Fuzzy Logic Methods to Optimize DRASTIC Model, Case Study: Tabriz Plain Aquifer

R Barzegar; A Asghari Moghaddam; A Nadiri; E Fijani

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 211-222


  With respect to the concentration of population, agricultural activities and industrial manufactures in Tabriz Plain area, vulnerability assessment of the plain aquifer is very useful for development, management, decision making for land use and preventing groundwater contamination. In this research, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Evaluation of Vulnerability of Urmia Lake Saline Water Intrusion to Coastal Aquifer Using GALDIT Model

M Nakhaei; M Vadiati; KH Mohammadi

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 223-230


  In the last few years, saline water intrusion in the Urmia aquifer has deteriorated groundwater quality. As a result of irremediable environmental impacts and deterioration of aquifer conditions, study on groundwater vulnerability due to saline water intrusion is very serious. This study focuses on the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Study of Fractures Characteristics and Porosity Types in the Reservoir Using Thin Sections, Core Description, FMI and Velocity Deviation Logs

B Soleimani; G Saedi; A Charchi; E Salarvand

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 231-239


  Natural fractures analysis as a main controlling factor in fluid currents is very important in the reservoir characterization. This matter was studied using thin sections, cores, and FMI and velocity deviation logs in one of the fields in the southwestern of Iran. FMI initial data, which were input to ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Evaluation of Clay Content of Shurijeh Reservoir Formation Using Core Analysis in Gonbadli Gas Field, Eastern Kopet-Dagh Basin

G Jozanikohan; F Sahabi; G.H Norouzi; H Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 239-252


  Clay minerals reduce the reservoir quality in different ways. They may cause mechanical problems in drilling and lead to petrophysicalmisinterpretations.Therefore,Clay typing is necessary for upstream petroleum exploration and production industry. In this paper, type, amount and distribution patterns ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigation on Leaching of Copper Oxide Ore by Environmentally Friendly Methods

M.A Shabani; M Irannajad; A.R Azadmehr

Volume 24, Issue 95 , June 2015, Pages 253-260


  Copper oxide ores are usually leached in sulphuric acid solution. However, it has severe adverse impact on the environment. In this study, bioleaching and leaching by citric acid, as environmentally friendly methods, are investigated. The experiments were carried out on a copper oxide ore sample containing ...  Read More