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Original Research Paper
Uranium Ion Imprinted Polymer Synthesis, a New Approach to Analysis of Geological Samples (Water)

S Veyseh; A Rajabi Khorrami

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 3-10


  The purpose of this paper is to analyze geological samples (water) using cartridge in order to pre- concentration of these samples. In this paper, the study of Uranium ion imprinted polymer (IIP) synthesis is addressed. The Uranium ion complex in (CH3Coo) 2 Uo2 .2H2O is considered as the initial nucleus ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Formation of Various Types of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) Deposits and Its Relationship With Tectono-Magmatic Evolution in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone

F Mousivand; E Rastad; M.H Emami; J.M Peter

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 11-21


  Various types of volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits occurred within the northern and southern parts of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone (SSZ). The most important VMS deposits of the south SSZ includes the Bavanat Cu-Zn-Ag (pelitic mafic- or Besshi-type), Sargaz Cu-Zn (bimodal mafic- or Noranda-type), ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Organic Petrography of Coal Deposits of the Olang Area, Eastern Alborz

Z Solaymani; N Taghipour; R Aharipour

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 21-32


  This study investigates the organic petrographic of the upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Olang coal deposits. Olang area is located in 70 km of northeast Shahroud. This area is situated in Gheshlagh Olang synclinal which is a member of eastern Alborz coal basin. Microscopic studies showed that all three ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Exploration of Hydrocarbon Traps Using Fractal Method and GIS Model at Qum Area, Iran

F Doulati Ardejani; M Pishdadian; A.R Arab-Amiri; R Kakaei; M Mohammado Khorasani

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 33-38


  In the aim of petroleum exploration at Qum area, gravity and magnetic measurements incorporating 2059 measuring stations have been conducted in order to detect likely buried oil traps, any volcanic intrusive, faults and subsurface folding related to the Qum formation. Bouguer and total magnetic anomaly ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Studies of Mineralogy and Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry of Ba-Fe-Mn Ores in Ghareh-bolagh, East of Mahabad, West-Azarbaidjan Province

M Roohafza; S Alipour; A Abedini

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 39-44


  Ghareh-bolagh area is located in 20 Km of east of Mahabad, south of West-Azarbaidjan province. Carbonate rocks of Bayandour formation and dolomites of Soltanieh formation in this area are the host of mineralizations from Barium, iron and manganese. Based upon mineralogical investigations, barite, magnetite, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Hybrid of Two Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Methods in Order to Subsidence Monitoring

Z Sadeghi; M.J Valadanzouj; M Dehghani

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 45-54


  Temporal and geometrical decorrelation often prevents SAR conventional interferometry from being an operational tool for surface deformation monitoring. Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) techniques presented to overcome the limitation of SAR conventional  interferometry and   use  ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
The Impacts of Geological Formations on the Guality of Groundwater in Shoghan Plain Aquifer (North Khorasan)

A Mohammadi; Gh.A Kazemi

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 55-62


  Shoghan plain is one of the sub-catchments of the central Kavir, in NorthKhorasanProvince which experiences semi-arid to arid climate. With the exception of its eastern part, the quality of water in Shoghan aquifer is very low, unacceptable even for agricultural use. One of the main factors that deteriorate ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Investigation of Magmatic Processes in the Quaternary Volcanism in NW of Ahar: a Geochemical and Isotopic Study

R Dabiri; M.H Emami; H Mollaei; M Ghaffari; M Vosougi Abedini; N Rashidnejad Omran

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 55-62


  Quaternary volcanic rocks are widely developed in NW of Ahar, NW Iran. Based on geochemical data, these rocks mainly consist of alkali basalts, trachybasalts, basaltic trachyandesites and trachyandesites. The major- and trace-element chemistry indicates that the lavas are dominantly alkaline in character. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Late Pliestocene-Holocene Paleoseismicity, Temporal Clustering, & Probabilities of Future Large (M>7) Earthquake on the Dehshir Fault, Central Iran

M Foroutan; H Nazari; B Meyer; M Sébrier; M Fattahi; K Le Dortz; M Ghorashi; Kh Hessami; M. R Ghassemi; M Talebian

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 75-90


  The Dehshir fault system (DFS) including six fault segments forms the western border of NS-striking active dextral strike-slip fault cutting the Sanandaj-Sirjan, Uromieh-Dokhtar magmatic arc, and Central Iran. This active fault system right-laterally offset Eocene volcanic rocks and Quaternary alluvial ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Structural and Geomorphic Evidence along the Siah kuh Fault in NE Iran

A Naeimi; Gh Heidarzadeh; M.R Sheikholeslami

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 91-98


  Geomorphic evidence along the Siah kuh fault (North of Jajarm) shows this fault has been active during Quaternary. Faulted Quaternary deposits, deflected and offset streams and bisected alluvial fans are among such evidence. These together with fault scarps in Neogene and Quaternary strata reveal young ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Zonation of Iran According to the Seismicity Coefficiency Rate(λ) and Mmax

Gh Razaghian; A Beitollahi; M Pourkermani; M Arian

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 99-104


  Iran is in the middle part of the seismic belt of Alps-Himalayas with dissimilar geological, structural and seismological features. In the present article, zonation maps of the earthquake occurrence rate (Rate) and the largest observed earthquakes (Mmax) have been prepared for all the regions of Iran. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Systematic Analysis of Fractures in Garau Formation Within the Kabir-Kuh Anticline, Effects of the Arabian Plate Rotation on Fracture Arrays

A Pireh; S.A Alavi; M.R Ghassemi; A Shaban

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 105-116


  A major part of source rocks in the Zagros Fold Belt were deposited during Neocomian time; the lowermost part of the Garau Formation has charged the Early Cretaceous Petroleum System of the Lurestan province. These source rocks are widely distributed in the Lurestan Depression and in the NW part of the ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Hazard in Cities (Case Study in Tehran & California) Earthquake

Z Mohammadi asl; S Montazerolghaem

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 117-124


  The active faults upon which Tehran megacity was developed must be considered in urban planning. Insufficient preciseness and completeness of the previous fault maps and lack of required technical documentation for existing regulations on building construction in fault zones, prompted the Tehran disaster ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Geochemistry and Tectonomagmatic Setting of Tertiary Volcanism in East and Northeast of Nehbandan, Eastern Iran

M Delavari; S.A Amini; A Saccani

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 125-134


  Tertiary volcanism in east and northeast of Nehbandan, eastern Iran, includes mostly basic-intermediate associations. They are characterized by sodic (1<Na2O/K2O) compositions and contain both low-k tholeiitic and calk-alkaline series. Based on petrographic, mineral chemistry and whole-rock geochemical ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Geology and Geochemistry of Aniq-Qarachilar Au- Cu- Mo Mineralization (NE of Kharvana, Eastern Azarbaijan)

M.A.A Mokhtari; H Moinvaziri2; M.R Ghorbani; M Mehrpartou

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 135-150


  Au-Cu-Mo mineralization of Aniq-Qarachilar area is located in Arasbaran ore zone within the Qaradagh batholith. Mineralization in this area mainly includes Au-Cu-Mo bearing quartz veins within the granodiorite that cropped out in three areas include: Qarachilar (2 major veins), Zarlidareh (8 veins) and ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrography of Gelmandeh Metamorphic Complex with Reference to Microscopic Deformation

A Gourabjeri; M.H Emami

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 151-164


  Gelmandeh Massive is located north-east of Saghand, in Yazd province. From tectonics point of view it belongs to Central Iran, the Kalmard_Posht-e-Badam Block. The metamorphic complex comprises amphibolites, marble, schist, quartz- feldspatic gneisses. The amphibolites are of three types. Namly: Hornblendite ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Physicochemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of Sepiolite Deposits of Northeastern Iran

S Hojati; H Khademi

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 165-174


  There is no information about the occurrence and characteristics of sepiolite deposits in Iran. Thus, to identify and characterize the physicochemical and mineralogical properties of Eliyato deposits in northeastern Iran, 10 samples from different locations were taken and studied by powder X-ray diffraction, ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Petrography and Geochemistry of Major Elements of Oligocene Terrigenous Deposits in Binalood Zone, North Neyshabour: Parent Rocks, Tectonic Setting and Paleoweathering Condition

D Dehnavi; S.R Moussavi-Harami; M.H Mahmudy Gharaie; F Ghaemi; F Ghaemi

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 175-184


  For understanding parent rocks, tectonics setting, paleoweathering condition and classification of Binalood’s Oligocene deposits, the petrography analysis was done, on samples from Damanjan and Baghshan-Gach sections, north of Neyshabour. 14 sandstones and 6 shale samples from both sections were ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Whole-Rock and Sr-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Volcanic Host Rocks of the Chah Zard Ag-Au Deposit, Urumieh-Dokhtar Belt

H Kouhestani; M.H Ghaderi; M.H Emami; S Meffre; V Kamenetsky; J McPhie; Kh Zaw

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 185-196


  The Chah Zard Ag-Au deposit, a typical breccia-hosted low- to intermediate-sulfidation epithermal system, is located within late Miocene andesitic to rhyolitic volcanic complex in the central part of the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt. The orebodies are emplaced in breccia bodies dominantly hosted by ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Geochemistry and Origin of Haftcheshmeh Cu-Porphyry Deposit Magma, East-Azerbaijan, Iran

Z Adeli; I Rassa; A Darvishzadeh

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 197-208


  The Haftcheshmeh Porphyry copper deposit is located 28km north of Varzaghan (East -Azerbayjan province). It is associated with quartzdioritic to granodioritic intrusive of Oligo- Miocene ages, which are intensively altered. The porphyritic bodies are intruded by a series of barren andesitic dykes. The ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Geochemical Exploration for Au and Paragenetic Elements in N.W. of Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, Iran

F Mohammadi; S Alipour; M Ghazanfari

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 209-216


  Gold as a strategic element has a strong exploration potential in KurdistanCounty. This investigation for gold has carried out in N.W. Sanandaj- Siirjan geological zone. 351 samples has been taken from drainages and analyzed by ICP-MS in Canada for 22 elements. Based on results, anomaly map and enrichment ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Distribution and Abundance of Rare Earth Elements in Magnetite from Gol-Gohar Iron Ore Deposit, Sirjan, Kerman

Y Bayati-Rad; H Mirnejad; J Ghalamghash

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 217-224


  Gol-Gohar mining complex, located southwest of Sirjan (KermanProvince) and within the Sanandaj-Sirjan structural zone, has a number of iron-rich deposits that provides 30% of steel demand in the country. The main ore in this deposit is magnetite with subordinate amounts of hematite and accessory pyrite ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Brachiopoda of Bahram Formation from North of Kerman (Hojedk Section)

M.R Kebriaee- Zadeh

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 225-238


  Hojedk section is located 62 km north of Kerman. In this section Padeha Formation with Middle Devonian age overlies Bahram Formation conformably, and it is covered with Jamal Formation (Late Permian) with a disconformity boundary. The study of Bahram Formation brachiopoda resulting into 32 species and ...  Read More

Original Research Paper
Laboratory Study of Ultrasonic Wave Treatments in Porous Media Under Reservoir Pressure Conditions in Sand Stone Samples from a Reservoir in South-West of Australia

H Azizi; H.R Siahkoohi; B Evans; N Keshavarz Frajkhah; E Kazemzadeh

Volume 23, Issue 90 , March 2014, Pages 239-246


  Rock physics is the major tool to describe physical property of reservoir rocks; such as porosity, permeability, degree of saturation, property fluid that saturated, shape of pores, compressibility and etc via studying ultrasonic wave transmitting through a rock sample. Between these parameters, porosity ...  Read More